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Welcome to The Woork, an energy healing practice which, I warn you, will try to transform you. I'm not a healer but rather a facilitator of your self-healing - a conduit for that precise moment that triggers the process of awakening to the truth.

This is a space that perceives us as a collective consciousness and supports the opportunity to honor the values that identify us in Spirit: creativity, rebellion, collaboration, and transmutation.

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What Everyone's Saying . . .

  • Her intuition and guidance and her ability to channel good with me and through me has made my journey an easier one. I feel connected and positive to the energy around me.

    Felicity Rains
  • Karissa is very humble about her work. I trust her integrity as a practitioner and I know she walks the walk in her daily life. My sessions are invigorating and inspiring.

    Jen Armstrong
  • During the hour, I felt lifted up and held – I can’t really explain it. I knew for sure that there was definitely energy work happening. I loved it.


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