Different by nature

Let the principles of nature transform your life.

Artwork: Goddess Of The Wind (1981) by Ana Mendieta


Name Your Demon

How can ancient exorcism rites help to increase your emotional intelligence?

Dark Night
Of The Soul?

There’s probably a service for that.  

Teacher Spotlight


A fragrant night-bloomer with a wild and sensual nature.

Teacher Spotlight


The master weaver with threads of intention.


The Dark Visions Of Robinson Jeffers

July 12, 2019 The Dark Visions Of Robinson Jeffers Thinkers During a recent morning walk, I was arrested by the sight of a bird’s flight high up above me. For a brief moment I watched it elegantly glide upon a current of wind before landing atop a monstrous catalpa tree. Determined to know what it […]


Name Your Demon

July 2, 2019 Name Your Demon Emotional Intelligence I have always been a fan of horror, I just didn’t fully realize it until age twenty-eight (when I started watching horror films). I had been completely indifferent to them up until that point, having never actually viewed one save a scene or two seen on accident. […]