My Story

Is not my own.

It is ours.

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Dear Stranger,

I know you. How you entertain small deceptions.

How you keep yourself hidden. How love slips through your fingers. How you hurt and push it away.

Sure, we look different, we think differently, and we live differently. But there's something we all share, and that is the primordial desire to feel something mind-numbingly real.

So let’s do it - me and you.

Let’s become unhinged, recognize our self-inflicted bondage, and awaken from our nightmares. Let’s march into hell for a heavenly cause, wielding struggle as the map that guides us to the truth of who we really are, and fashioning pain into a platform where we proclaim our self-remembrance.

There is a Mysterious Intelligence conspiring to help you be true. In exchange, it asks for trust and surrender.

In order to become this authentic self, you must heed your inner guidance, strip away untruths, and allow old patterns to crumble.

It is by no means an easy or comfortable experience, as many would lead you to believe. But I have a feeling you’re up for an adventure, no?

In a world where everyone wears a mask, it would truly be a privilege to see a soul like yours.

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