Lighten Up.

You were made to feel good. Achieve well-being through inner work, and let go of what’s keeping you down.

Feel Yourself

Over-stimulated, overburdened, overwhelmed – it’s time to peel back the layers. Learn to release energetic imbalances and unhealthy patterns that stand in the way of you feeling like you.

Trust Yourself

THE WOORK was established with the belief that healing is really just a great undoing of energetic blocks and restrictions that separate you from you—the you that knows what needs to be healed and exactly how to heal it.

Whether you are dealing with an aching knee, an unhappy relationship, a sinus infection, financial loss, depression, or cancer, there are always unseen energies in your energetic field directly affecting your physical experience.

We’re all here to heal from feelings, thoughts, and fears that have taken up residence in our bodies and lives. But when there has been enough clearing and letting go, you can reach a new sense of your own power, the power to create a better life.

To empower others to make big changes, THE WOORK offers healing treatments and consultations that address the underlying energetic or spiritual roots of issuesinspiring self-transformation on the physical level.

Heal Yourself

You are whole, perfect, and complete. When aligned with this concept the mind, body and spirit begin to heal themselves naturally. Access the power of authenticity to relieve stress, reduce pain, and create deep healing.

About Karissa

I’m Karissa, founder of The Woork. I’m a holistic healing practitioner & teacher specializing in energy work to help people let go of mental conditioning, clear emotional triggers, assist with physical pain and illness, and empower them to put an end to self-sabotage, and    connect more deeply to who they really are.

I am a Reiki Master attuned to practice and teach according to the principles of Traditional Usui Reiki. I studied at the NYC Reiki Institute and with Master Teacher Lisa Powers, and a Soul Realignment  Practitioner, mentored by Andrrea Hess. I’m also an artist and writer, with a MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA in Painting from the University of North Texas.

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