On The Mind-Body Connection

We aren’t surprised when our body begins manufacturing new skin to heal a cut or when it starts creating new bone to heal a fracture. But we can’t seem to fathom when something like cancer disappears from our body for no apparent reason.

Doctors call this spontaneous remission. Some doctors who have studied such cases have concluded that it happens when the body is able to access a state in which the cells can use their natural ability for self repair. They speculate that these healings happen when mind, or consciousness, directs the body to heal itself—the so-called mind/body connection.

What is “Mind?”

Candace Pert, a molecular biologist who studies the process by which we begin to feel emotions, calls the mind “some kind of enlivening energy in the information realm throughout the brain and body that enables the cells to talk to each other, and the outside to talk to the whole organism.” Pert believes that the mind is located throughout the brain and body, not just above the neck. She sees the emotions as the connection between the mind and the body.

Scientists have demonstrated that the immune system has an intelligence of its own. They don’t know why some people’s immune systems choose to fight disease while other people’s give in to it. All the circuitry and machinery  for “spontaneous” healing is there. The challenge is to discover how to turn on the right switches to activate the process. If we can figure out how to influence this “mind,” we can turn on our body’s natural healing mechanism.

I believe that disease occurs when the body is vibrating at a different rate from this mind and thus is unable to communicate with our soul.