Healing can be a messy and complicated process, but in and of itself, it is a pretty simple and straightforward concept.

To be healed is to be made wholewhich suggests that there are a myriad of parts that can potentially go rogue.

These parts include your body, your mind, and your emotions all in relationship to consciousnessas well as in relationship to various things outside of you, such as other people or nature.

To be healed is to maintain a balance between all of these moving parts, and balance is much easier to achieve when lines of communication are clear and open.

To be unhealed is essentially a miscommunication (or a lack thereof).

For example, consider the notion that spiritual energy, or consciousness, carries intelligence throughout the body. Therefore if the flow of this consciousness is blocked, inhibited, or mixed up in any way, confusion between the body’s cells or systems is sure to follow suit.

This can look like something as simple as the mind recognizing the body as hungry when it is in fact dehydrated and thirsty, or it could be something as complicated as a repressed emotion crying out for attention in the form of a food addiction.

In any case, an imbalance spells a dysfunctional relationship between two or more parts within your sphere of existence. And any good healer will work to help you re-establish the flow of communication or intelligence within your systembe it in your body or in your lifeand they will do this by objectively observing and interpreting your mess: your emotional stress, mental strain, self-limiting beliefs, patterns of illness, relationships, situations, and behaviors that indicate some spiritual disorder as a root cause.

It is not one, but ALL of these things (and more) that affect our overall health and well-being, and how we function from day-to-day. When one or more factors are out of balance, the body will happily communicate this to us in some way.

The Spirit speaks in whispers, but if it is ignored, it will scream.