This Is The Root Cause Of All Your Problems (Maybe)

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Difficult Emotions

You’ve Made It.

Hi, I'm Karissa

Welcome to my work. It is dark and stormy, but it is real and always rewarding in the end. 

It is your work too—going beneath the surface and facing what you dare not. If you are no stranger to suffering, I think we can work together. Have a look around and see how you feel about that.

Case Study: Karissa's Fear Of Death

Sometimes our feelings are deeper and much more complex than we realize. In order to face them and manage them, we must first understand what they actually are.

lightning, black and white

Stimulating this one nerve relieves anxiety

This super powerful nerve manages your breathing, digestive function and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your emotional response to danger and mental health.

Reliving, Retelling

A Conversation with Karissa