1-Day of the Great Lynx

Today is the beginning of a new 260-day cycle. The last 260 days have been mighty difficult. The last 4 years, a test of the will, the last 10 years, one long and enduring storm, and all 35 years, oppressive.

This moment is the beginning of something that I don’t have the math on but it feels different, it feels like peace.

It’s akin to the freedom that comes when you’re told you only have 6 months to live, or when you’re trapped in an elevator steadily filling up with water, or when you’re just born and you have nothing to fear yet.

I won’t react to the triggers of my old life anymore because they no longer matter. When you’re close to your Spirit, the material world doesn’t have so much weight to it.

When you step into the unknown, it’s best to travel light.