Spiritual Consultation

Life turned upside down? Headed in the wrong direction? It happens to the best of us.

Who would benefit from a spiritual consultation reading?

Anyone who:

x Feels stuck or lost.
x Is going through major life changes.
x Lacks confidence in making choices.
x Has questions and few answers.


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  3. 3. Allow 3 – 5 DAYS for the completion of your reading after purchase.

Your reading is provided in WRITTEN form and delivered in PDF format to the email address you provide.

Client reviews

What people say?

Going into the experience I was hoping for something that could bring my mind at ease a little, something therapeutic and relaxing. I got much better than that - Karissa pinpointed my internal issues with incredible accuracy, such that through her reading I actually had an emotional and physical reaction that was sort of like a weight off my chest, a cathartic sensation of relief. The experience was revelatory. Not only did I feel truly understood by someone else, but by the end was provided with insights which helped me better understand my own self.
Her guidance and advice was dead on, but really stood out is that she did help to fix things within me..I'm extremely grateful for her and I will always untilize her expertise from now on. I believe in her wholeheartedly. She is what she is to this universe and that is vital. Many of us would never be able to be in touch with ourselves without her.
Marcus M.
She was extremely accurate without me having to tell her anything, not only did she give me the insight I needed but she also provided solutions and helped me. She is also very professional but sincere so she puts her all into what she's doing and offering. I'm honored to have had readings from her.
Vinolia M.
My expectations were definitely met. I wanted clarity and I received clarity. Karissa's work was so accurate and delivered so eloquently. Everything was easy to understand and accessible.


I am unable to give medical or health advice—I am not a doctor. I am unable to help you with legal issues and give advice on what to do for those matters—I am not a lawyer. I am unable to give mental health advice or address any mental disorder that you may have—I am not a licensed therapist nor am I psychiatrist. I cannot help with winning lottery numbers or other gambling machines—sure wish I could 😉

By law, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase these readings. The information that you receive should not substitute medical, professional, or legal advice. No guarantees are made and all sales are final – no refunds. All readings are confidential and I do not assume liability for any decisions that you may make after your reading.


For any inquiries please email

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