Introduction To Mesoamerican Astrology

Depending upon whom you ask, ancient Mesoamerican cultures such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, and Toltecs had from three to twenty calendars that were kept for various purposes. At the most basic, their calendar systems consisted of three main interdependent calendars—the long count, a civil calendar, and a sacred calendar.


Daydreaming As A Creative Act

“Stop daydreaming” is something we’ve all heard and possibly been told. Saying this to someone is a personal slight used to indicate that they aren’t being productive or paying attention in some way. Though it’s not good to always keep one’s head in the clouds, daydreaming is a perfectly wonderful way to gain perspective and alchemize your mood.


Part I: An Introduction To The Lunar Path

In a spiritual sense, the lunar path is about navigating the external world with an inner compass—because not only do our bodies run on cycles, our spirits do as well. To bring our relationship with life back into balance we need to understand and respect its rhythms, be they biological or otherwise.


Three Ways To Be

William Carlos Williams once said that the poet in him was the woman in him. Many male poets have come to identify their creativity with their feminine aspect, what Carl Jung called the Anima. This Jungian concept proposes that men develop their feminine side (anima) and women their masculine side (animus), but it does so using language that confines us to rigid ideas of gender.