Card of the day via Supra Oracle:

Keywords: Determination, Success, Risk, Unknown, Sublime, New

Security has a strong pull—we all need a degree of stability in our lives to grow. But there comes a point when we have to risk the unknown—the thing just beyond our reach—that more often than not, goes against the plan others have for us, which can be a frightening thing for both the ones we love and for ourselves. Societies want you to conform. Your loved ones want you to be “safe”—they do not want anything bad to happen to you. But ultimately, life is much bigger than just being safe. You do what you have to to pay the bills, but you have to fight to keep your dreams alive. To do this you have to be willing to set out on the road of improbability. The way things have evolved in our world, for most of us, the odds seem stacked against us for striking out on an independent path. But improbable things do happen—they are within our reach—and they bring with them the experiences, failures and triumphs that teach us more acutely who we are, what we can handle and ultimately take us to the success that is more genuinely our own. Not being afraid to take the road of uncertainty is the first step in finding your authentic destiny in the world. And that journey, at once deeply personal and at the same time totally universal, is the only one worth taking. To walk this road creates hope not only for your dreams and goals, but for others as well—pursuing what excites you and what you genuinely believe in gently persuades others to do so. It is the way we find ourselves in the world and the universal language we all speak.