Spiritual Work For The Spiritually Disconnected

The Woork tends to attract people who are spiritually awakening—which basically means those who are in the process of discovering who they are beyond who they think they are. In short, I help people find their way through the shadows of illusion and back to themselves.

Spiritual awakening tends to unfold through crisis and conflict with the intent to trigger change within. This can mean a number of things for different people, but it always stirs up a primal emotion, or what I call one’s “inner demon,” and it always brings you face-to-face with your greatest fears and pain.

Our work together will consist of various methods of purification that undo mental patterns, emotional blocks, and self-sabotaging behavior that keep you from the full expression of the real you.

We do this work by aligning with the principles of nature – various animals, constellations, plants, rocks, elements, and the four cardinal directions – allowing this to be our guide through the process of recovering your spiritual identity and personal power.

Who Is The Woork For?

For anyone who feels called to it - but especially those with the following characteristics:

  • Those with a more intellectual/logical approach to life
  • Those who don’t acknowledge or trust their intuition
  • Those who have great difficulty expressing or dealing with emotions
  • Those with childhood wounds and traumas
  • Those who have suffered from abuse in any form
  • Those who are skeptical of spirituality or don’t have a strong interest or connection to it
  • Those who lack fulfilling relationships and deep connections with others
  • Those who feel alienated and lonely and disconnected from life
  • Those who are challenged by addictions, obsessions, anxiety, stress, or depression
  • Those who are often in the throes of chaos, instability, and insecurity - materially, mentally, or emotionally
  • Those who have been making the effort to improve their lives but can’t seem to make any real progress towards success and happiness.

And those for who these keywords may resonate:

Calamity, Imprisonment, Turmoil, Misfortune, Distraction, Disorder, Error, Mistake, Resistance, Guilt, Incompatibility, Mental Anxieties, Unexpected Failure, Downfall, Inability To Realize One’s Goals, Unhappiness, Self-Punishment, Controversy, Weird Experiences, Bondage, Lack Of Success, Apathy, Boredom, Reversal Of One’s Way Of Life, Transition, Change, Resistance To Change, Stagnation, Suspension, Transformation, Abrupt Change, Illness, Mishap, Loss Of Financial Security.



Karissa is a writer, artist, shamanic energy healer, Mesoamerican astrologer, and spiritual teacher. She is also a certified Reiki Master and a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. Her style is playful, irreverent, and compassionate. Karissa’s spirit-taught toolkit evolved over many difficult years of shining light onto her own childhood wounds and unconscious fears & phobias—Karissa tells her personal story here.

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