After many changes and many years of trying to understand how I am meant to help others, I realized it was something I couldn’t figure out with my mind. I realized it was something I had to be shown through the intelligence of my heart. So I started to pay attention to my world and all the people that kept showing up in it. When I did, I found that many of these people were somewhat a reflection of me, and that we all had a few basic things in common. I found that we all felt deep emotions but that we didn’t show them. We hid them. We ignored them. We numbed ourselves to them. Or we were completely unaware of them until we were triggered and they exploded right out of us. And if we were ever brave enough to face them, they somehow knocked us back down again and again. Secretly, these feelings and emotions have created so much trouble in our lives and so much pain. They’ve manifested as literal pain in various parts of our bodies, as recurring dreams that haunt us, as the same type of lover with a new face, as a familiar disappointment and the same dead end jobs. I also found that for many of us, the root of these difficult emotions that we’ve worked so hard to resist were established when we were children, and that we weren’t the problem as much as our inability to let go of the past, was. Many of us don’t feel safe. We can’t relax, we are lost, we are confused, we are frustrated, and we are very disconnected from anything real. But I discovered something. When I was able to find the courage to be honest and express my emotions, and truly let them go, this vulnerability inadvertently gave others permission to do the same—even if only in quiet, unconscious ways—and this was healing and liberating for all involved. So that is my work, here. It is simple, but it is not easy, and you can join me if you’d like.


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The Woork is a spiritual healing practice for creative & intelligent people.

Our ideas, values, and practices are inspired by + honor the wisdom that is indigenous to the Americas. The goal is to be a resource of emotional intelligence and to provide practical guidance for your well-being. 




+ Inner child healing



Karissa is a writer, artist, shamanic energy healer, Mesoamerican astrologer, and spiritual teacher. She is also a certified Reiki Master and a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. Her style is playful, irreverent, and compassionate. Karissa’s spirit-taught toolkit evolved over many difficult years of shining light onto her own childhood wounds and unconscious fears & phobias—Karissa keeps a diary here.

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