This Is The Root Cause Of All Your Problems (Maybe)

ragin sea waves ocean wild black and whiteThe world is not short of books, classes, webinars, seminars, workshops and retreats that offer to help you with your body, diet, self-esteem, life purpose, finances, self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts, relationships, etc. But most do so by only skimming the surface of the deeper, underlying cause of your problems, rarely providing the right strategy, trick or tool that truly solves them.

The truth is, all the problems you have in your life can probably be distilled down to an emotion that you refuse to let go of. This emotion influences your thoughts, colors your beliefs, dictates your choices, manages your body, and determines how free your spirit is to express itself in this life.

In this post, you will get a sneak peek into what emotions are and what they do, how they can wreak havoc when repressed, and how to start working with them. If you have recurring issues that you can’t seem to solve or heal, keep reading to learn about what could be the real culprit.

What You Need To Know About Emotions

Emotions are a very important yet underrated part of us. They have evolved over millions of years to help us make sense of our world and help us respond to it. Emotions are messengers, workers of a very complex messaging system that relay various bits of communication between the spiritual and material worlds. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself, heal yourself or fulfill your needs.

Contrary to popular belief, emotions aren’t the opposite of logic. They are not created out of thin air, and they are not created by thought. Emotions are raw data—physiological signals of what’s going on in your world—and you are the interpreter of them. How you interpret and work with your emotions determines the rationality of your choices and decisions, and current research in the field of neuroscience is discovering just how vital emotions are to our thought and decision-making processes.

Emotions exist within your brain and body, and they are evoked by specific stimuli. Learning to recognize, understand, accept, and manage your feelings (especially the difficult ones) is essential if you want half a chance at a balanced life that makes you feel empowered. If you can learn to feel emotions intelligently, you can expand the range of your consciousness and heighten your perception.

Warning: Ignoring Emotions Could Seriously Ruin Your Life

Emotions are designed to be acknowledged. So the more they are rejected—consciously or unconsciously—the harder they will work to be heard. When denied, emotions can undermine and sabotage your life through addictions, low self-esteem, mental illness, chronic illnesses, disease and various neuroses attributed to the shadows of your unconsciousness. And when left to fester, these repressed emotions can evolve into what is often called our “inner demons.”

The more your emotions are pushed aside, the more negativity they collect and attach to in order to get your attention. From a spiritual perspective this can be incredibly dangerous, as it attracts difficult experiences, the darkness within other people, as well as negative energies and beings (if you subscribe to that belief).

The psychological effects of ignoring emotions is not a difficult concept to grasp, but few make the connection between emotion and physical pain. The physical body has the ability to store energy in the form of emotions as well. These stored or stuck emotions can be held in the body without our intellect knowing that they are there, enabling them to manifest into physical ailments and disease.

Most people aren’t aware of their emotions because they’ve been trained since birth to demonize and avoid them. Or, they swing to the opposite end of the spectrum and allow their emotions to violently explode, directing them harmfully towards others. Whatever the case, ignored emotions have the potential to negatively affect your well-being in profound ways.

As Carl Jung once said, “everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

How To Exorcise Your Demons

All of have demons inside of us. And as we can learn from the many horror films out there, or the Catholic rites of exorcism, the only way to gain power over a demon is to call it by its name—because we can’t change what we don’t notice.

We’re not taught to accept or see our darkness, our shadow side, the side of us we’re afraid to look at. And we’re not taught how to manage it, cope with it, or use it for our benefit and growth. Your hidden emotions live there and they want to be validated. They want to be heard and understood. And then they want to be dealt with. Because when you understand what your emotions are, you can respond to them in the best way.

Emotional intelligence starts with naming our emotions, but it doesn’t end there. You must feel them, understand them, and learn how to work with them—and one of the best ways to do all of this is by expressing them through creativity. Write about them, sing about them, draw a picture of them, do a dance inspired by them. Take them out of the shadows somehow, anyhow, and bring them into the light of day where they can teach you about yourself, and help others out along the way.

Feeling and facing difficult emotions isn’t necessarily about trying to “fix” yourself, but it’s about being there for yourself. Sit with yourself and discover what it is you need. Try to understand what messages are being communicated. For once you allow yourself to feel deeply and let your emotions flow, you can use them to inform your life rather than sabotage it.

In Conclusion...

It’s vital to know how to feel, name, and understand emotions, especially when they are big, uncomfortable, or dangerous. If you can feel your emotions, you can become more aware and more intelligent about what to do with them. And contrary to the beliefs we inherit from society, feeling your emotions is the best way to relieve them.

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