3 ways to be


William Carlos Williams once said that the poet in him was the woman in him. Many male poets have come to identify their creativity with their feminine aspect, what Carl Jung called the Anima. This Jungian concept proposes that men develop their feminine side (anima) and women their masculine side (animus), but it does so using language that confines us to rigid ideas of gender. The truth is, these dual forces can be applied to almost anything—from a sentient human being to an inanimate rock on the ground.


These forces have been called many things (most certainly you have heard of yin and yang). I prefer alchemical terminology the most, which uses the natural images of the sun and the moon—the illuminations of nature—rather than overtly masculine and feminine labels. Divorced from gender, it’s easier to see how these forces work and how they are both needed in equal measure in our world. The sun gives us life and the moon gives us time.


The world we now find ourselves in is very imbalanced. It runs principally on solar intelligence and devalues lunar ways of being. This disequilibrium will destroy us unless we right ourselves accordingly. Under the basic tenet that there are two main ways to know and create reality, I believe that once we reacquaint ourselves with lunar intelligence, we can achieve balance again. Therefore, my work here is devoted to the path of most resistance—The Lunar Path.


Do you remember the last time you engaged with your favorite object? In one way or another, you value it and it makes you feel good. When you’re with it, or when you use it, you might admire it or take great care of it–that’s your lunar side. Lunar intelligence is about connection. It is nurturing, receptive, and accepting. It is about inward activities such as contemplation, reflection, and creativity. This kind of consciousness is non-linear, symbol-driven, and intuitive. This way of being is focused on evolution.


Do you remember the last time you went to buy something to fulfill a particular need? You knew exactly what you wanted and where to get it, and you went in and out without any leisurely browsing–that’s your solar side. Solar intelligence is about purpose. It is energizing, intentional, and determined. It is about outward activities such work, achievement, and solving problems. This kind of consciousness is linear, language-driven, and logical. This way of being is focused on survival.


  • Evolution
  • Nourish
  • Exploration
  • Heart
  • Circular
  • Creativity = Expression
  • Multidimensional Sight
  • Surrender
  • Play
  • Reflection
  • Open
  • Subjective
  • Rest
  • Internal
  • Emotional
  • Mystery
  • Subconscious
  • Sacred


  • Survival
  • Provide
  • Explanation
  • Head
  • Linear
  • Creativity = Skill
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Discipline
  • Work
  • Achievement
  • Defensive
  • Objective
  • Action
  • External
  • Mental
  • Clarity
  • Conscious
  • Secular


Though my work focuses on the lunar path, and the importance of balancing it with solar principles, there is a middle way that is the ultimate goal. This third intelligence makes use of a higher perspective. Stellar perception results from a unified state of the lunar and solar, using logic in service to the mysteries of the heart. It is a liminal space where new possibilities can be found beyond the limitations of the ego and desire. Stellar intelligence is the coin with two sides–Janus looking in two directions at once.